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    • Berry phases in the three-level atoms driven by quantized light fields

      Mai-Lin Liang Zong-Cheng Xu Bing Yuan

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      A theoretical analysis of Berry's phases is given for the three-level atoms interacting with external one-mode and two-mode quantized light fields. Three main results are obtained: (i) There is a Berry phase which vanishes in the classical limit or this Berry phase is completely induced by the field quantization; (ii) Berry's phases for the one-mode field and the two-mode field can be equal so long as the photon numbers of the two-mode field are properly chosen; (iii) In the two-mode case, Berry phases of the atom interacting with one mode is affected by the other mode even if the photon number of the other mode is zero.

    • Quantum-classical correspondence of the Dirac equation with a scalar-like potential

      Mai-Lin Liang Shun-Lin Shu Bing Yuan

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      Quantum matrix elements of the coordinate, momentum and the velocity operator for a spin-1/2 particle moving in a scalar-like potential are calculated. In the large quantum number limit, these matrix elements give classical quantities for a relativistic system with a position-dependent mass. Meanwhile, the Klein–Gordon equation for the spin-0 particle is discussed too. Though the Heisenberg equations for both the spin-0 and spin-1/2 particles are unlike the classical equations of motion, they go to the classical equations in the classical limit.

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