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    • Is reggen field theory rendered obsolete byqcd?

      B Sidhanta

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      We affirm the power of the eikonal approximation in reggeon field theory (rft) and point out its merit as contrasted with renormalization group method for calculating reggeon self-energy correction due to pomeron exchanges. Relative merits ofrft andqcd in appropriate momentum regions of hadronic interactions are also examined to suggest a negative answer to the title.

    • Regge behaviour at high energy and more on boson-fermion interaction

      A Roy Chowdhury B Sidhanta

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      Our approach to the problem of boson-fermion interaction in the conventional RFT stems from a model of super-symmetric version in 2-space and 1 time world. Basically it is stressed here that at super high energy there may not be any distinction between the bosonic and fermionic modes and may be treated on a common footing. Usual renormalization group approach for the vertex function has been adopted and the characteristic functionsβ1 andβ2 are calculated and the possibility of having stable points in the theory has been studied.

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