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    • Reduction and second quantisation of generalised electromagnetic field for zero mass system

      D C Joshi B S Rajput

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      Reduction and second quantisation of generalised electromagnetic fields in the presence of massless spin-1/2 particles carrying both electric and magnetic charges have been carried out in terms of Lomont-Moses realisation of irreducible representations of Poincare group and the expression for field Hamiltonian has been derived.

    • Reduction of wave function associated with electromagnetic fields for imaginary mass system to standard helicity representation of Lorentz group

      B S Rajput K D Purohit

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      Reduced expansions for electromagnetic fields associated with spin-1 particles of imaginary mass (tachyons) have been derived in terms of standard helicity representations of inhomogeneous Lorentz group. The effects of wave equation and reality condition on these reduced expansions to satisfy Maxwell’s field equations have been derived. The reduced expansions of charge and current source densities associated with these fields have also been derived and it has been shown that these fields cannot satisfy the Maxwell’s equations in the absence of both the current and charge source densities.

    • Magnetic symmetry and dyons

      J M S Rana O P S Negi B S Rajput

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      A self-consistent theory of dyons in Abelian and non-Abelian limits has been formulated in terms of an extra magnetic symmetry and topological magnetic charge. It has been shown that the restricted gauge potential describes the fields of dyons in terms of two regular (time-like) potentials only when recourse is made to the duality of topological (magnetic) and isocolour (electric) charges. Choosing a suitable Lagrangian density for the system of dyons in non-Abelian gauge theory, the field equations, energy-momentum tensor, Hamiltonian and momentum densities have also been derived and the conservation of the four-linear momentum and the total angular momentum has been demonstrated.

    • Supersymmetry in complex space-time

      Shuchi Bora B S Rajput

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      An interconnection between superluminal transformation and supersymmetric transformations has been investigated in complex C3-space and the evolution of bosonic and fermionic subspaces in such space has been undertaken. Introducing the suitable anticommuting operators to induce grading in Poincare group in C3-space in terms of components of complex angular momentum operator, the supersymmetric algebra connecting bradyonic and tachyonic bosons and fermions has been constructed and it has been demonstrated that the difference between scales of bosonic and fermionic subspaces in C3-space increases quickly in spite of their closeness initially.

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