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    • Dielectric studies of some binary liquid mixtures using microwave cavity techniques

      V Subramanian B S Bellubbi J Sobhanadri

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      The excess parameter studies in the microwave frequency region (X-band) on complex dielectric permittivity for the binary mixtures are reported. The methods employed are fixed cavity perturbation technique and adjustable plunger cavity technique. Also Gopalakrishna method is used to calculate the relaxation time of the polar solute in a non-polar solvent. The samples under study are acetonitrile, chlorobenzene, dimethyl formamide, carbon tetrachloride and benzene.

    • Study of fiber optic sugar sensor

      A Jayanth Kumar N M Gowri R Venkateswara Raju G Nirmala B S Bellubbi T Radha Krishna

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      Over the last two decades, the fiber optic technology has passed through many analytical stages. Some commercially available fiber optic sensors, though in a small way, are being used for automation in mechanical and industrial environments. They are also used for instrumentation and controls.

      In the present work, an intensity-modulated intrinsic fiber optic sugar sensor is presented. This type of sensor, with slight modification, can be used for on-line determination of the concentration of sugar content in sugarcane juice in sugar industry.

      In the present set-up, a plastic fiber made of polymethylmethacrylate is used. A portion of the cladding (1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm) at the mid-point along the length of the fiber is removed. This portion is immersed in sugar solution of known concentration and refractive index. At one end of the fiber an 850 nm source is used and at the other end a power meter is connected. By varying the concentration of sugar solution, the output power is noted. These studies are made due to the change in refractive index of the fluid. The device was found to be very sensitive which is free from EMI and shock hazards, stable and repeatable and they can be remotely interfaced with a computer to give on-line measurements and thus become useful for application in sugar industries.

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