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    • Renormalized-free-atom model and Compton profile of hcp cobalt

      B L Ahuja B K Sharma O Aikala

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      Compton profile of cobalt has been calculated employing the renormalized-free-atom model for fcc as well as hcp phases choosing several 3d-4s configurations. The results have been compared with recent gamma-ray measurements on polycrystalline Co. Best agreement between theory and experiment is found for 3d74s2 configuration. Comparison with free electron model has also been made for this case.

    • Compton profile study of α-manganese

      Anil Gupta B K Sharma B L Ahuja

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      The results of a Compton profile study on polycrystallineα-Mn are reported. Our measurement are compared with theoretical results computed for different 3d-4s electron configurations within the RFA model. Best agreement between the measured and calculated values is found for 3d5·44s1·6 configuration. Theoretical Compton profile ofγ-Mn calculated using the same procedure is close to that for bcc phase with similar electron configurations.

    • Compton profile of molybdenum

      B K Sharma B L Ahuja Hanuman Singh F M Mohammad

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      In this paper we report the experimental Compton profile of polycrystalline molybdenum. The measurements have been made by scattering 59.54 keVγ-rays and are compared with the recent band structure calculation of Janiet al. [4]. These results have also been compared with our calculation based on the renormalized-free-atom model for different 4d-5s configurations. It is found that the present experimental data are relatively in good agreement with the band structure calculation.

    • A compton profile study of tantalum

      B K Sharma B L Ahuja Usha Mittal S Perkkiö T Paakkari S Manninen

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      We report the results of Compton profile study on polycrystalline tantalum. Measurements have been made using 59.54 keV gamma-rays. The results are compared with the APW band structure calculations of Papanicolaouet al and other available data. In contrast to the work of Changet al the overall agreement is better with the APW band structure which worsens on incorporating the electron correlation correction. Estimates of the errors due to the contribution from bremsstrahlung, non-validity of impulse-approximation and anomalous dispersion are also briefly discussed.

    • Electron momentum density distribution in iridium by Compton scattering technique

      K B Joshi R K Pandya B L Ahuja B K Sharma

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      The isotropic Compton profile of iridium, measured using 59.54 keVγ-rays, is reported in this paper. The results are compared with the theoretical Compton profiles from APW method with and without incorporating electron correlation effects. It is seen that correlation effects improve the agreement between the experiment and theory. Comparison with the renormalized-free-atom (RFA) model calculations has also been made. Behaviour ofd-band electrons in Ir and some other 5d transition metals is discussed in terms of broadening in their Compton profiles.

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