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    • Many-body study of van der Walls interaction involving lithium and rare-gas atoms and its contribution to hyperfine shifts

      B K Rao T P Das

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      Using linked cluster many-body perturbation theory, the frequency-dependent dipole polarizabilitiesa(ω) has been calculated for the lithium atom. The value ofa(ω) at the static limit (169.04a03) matches well with other available theoretical values and experimental results. These values have been used to calculate the van der Waals constants for interactions of lithium, helium and neon atoms. The values of the van der Waals constants for dipole-dipole interaction in atomic units are −22.9, −44.8, −1465.8, 184950.0, 2011.8, 3896.5, 30.3, 59.0 and 115.1 for Li-He, Li-Ne, Li-Li, Li-Li-Li, Li-Li-He, Li-Li-Ne, Li-He-He, Li-He-Ne and Li-Ne-Ne interactions respectively. Obtaining the suitable response functions for lithium and helium atoms, the long range contribution to Δa(r)/a0 in the study of fractional frequency shift in hyperfine pressure and temperature shift measurements is obtained as −541 atomic units.

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