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    • Quark-pion coupling constant in a chiral quark model

      N Barik B K Dash

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      Incorporating chiral-symmetry to the potential model of quarks with confining potentialU(r)=1/2 (1 +γ°)ar2 with mq=10 MeV anda=2.273 fm−3 that gives a reasonable quark-core contribution to μp, 〈r2p1/2 andgA, the quark-pion coupling constant for quarks in a nucleon is estimated.Gqqπ2/4π obtained between 0.4 and 0.5 is consistent with those extracted from experimental vector meson decay-width ratios by Suzuki and Bhaduri. The nucleon-pion coupling constantGNNπ2/4π comes out to be of the order of 13.1 in reasonable agreement with the experimental value.

    • The$$(q\bar q) - pion$$ and its decay constant in a chiral potential modeland its decay constant in a chiral potential model

      N Barik B K Dash P C Dash

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      Pion mass and its decay constant have been studied in a chiral symmetric potential model of independent quarks. The non-perturbative multi-gluon interaction which is responsible for quark confinement in a hadron is phenomenologically represented here by an effective potentialU(r) = 1/2(1 +γ0)(ar2 +V0). The residual interactions due to quark-pion coupling arising out of the chiral symmetry preservation and that due to quark-gluon coupling arising out of single-gluon exchange are treated as low order perturbations. The centre of mass correction is also taken into account appropriately. This leads to the$$(q\bar q) - pion$$ mass in consistency with that of the PCAC-pion and the pion decay constant in reasonable agreement with experiment.

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