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    • An analytical approach to the metal and metallic oxide properties of Cu–water and $\rm{TiO_{2}}$–water nanofluids over a moving vertical plate


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      An analysis was carried out to study the flow phenomena of an unsteady, electrically conducting, water-based nanofluid embedded with a porous matrix over a moving/stationary plate. The effects on the nanofluid flow were observed by taking copper (Cu) and titanium oxide ($\rm{TiO_{2}}$) nanoparticles. The crux of the investigation is to examine the influence of thermal radiation, radiation absorption parameter accounted for in the energy equation. The first-order chemical reaction was also taken care of by incorporating it into the solutal transfer equation. Closed form solution holds good for nonlinear coupled partial differential equations. Solutions of these equations are obtained by employing Laplace transform technique. The effects of parameters such as magnetic parameter, porous matrix, thermal and mass buoyancy parameters, thermal radiation, heat absorption parameter, radiation conduction parameter, Prandtl and Schmidt numbers and the homogeneous chemical reaction are shown via graphs. The results for the physical quantities of interest such as the rate of shear stress and the rate of heat and mass transfer coefficients are also obtained and presented through graphs. Observing these, the emerging role of a few parameters is elaborated in the results and discussion section.

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