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    • Neutron detector array at IUAC: Design features and instrumentation developments

      P Sugathan A Jhingan K S Golda T Varughese S Venkataramanan N Saneesh V V Satyanarayana S K Suman J Antony Ruby Shanti K Singh S K Saini A Gupta A Kothari P Barua Rajesh Kumar J Zacharias R P Singh B R Behera S K Mandal I M Govil R K Bhowmik

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      The characteristics and performance of the newly commissioned neutron detector array at IUAC are described. The array consists of 100 BC501 liquid scintillators mounted in a semispherical geometry and are kept at a distance of 175 cm from the reaction point. Each detector is a $5''\times 5''$ cylindrical cell coupled to $5''$ diameter photomultiplier tube (PMT). Signal processing is realized using custom-designed home-made integrated electronic modules which perform neutron–gamma discrimination using zero cross timing and time-of-flight (TOF) technique. Compact custom-built high voltage power supply developed using DC–DC converters are used to bias the detector. The neutrons are recorded in coincidence with fission fragments which are detected using multi-wire proportional counters mounted inside a 1m diameter SS target chamber. The detectors and electronics have been tested off-line using radioactive sources and the results are presented.

    • An overview of the recent results on fission dynamics from the NAND facility

      B R Behera

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      This paper summarizes the results of some of the recent fusion–fission experiments carried out at the National Array of Neutron Detectors (NAND) Phase-01 installed at the Pelletron+LINAC accelerator facility of Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC), New Delhi. Pre-scission neutron multiplicity excitation functions are measured for the 213,215,217Fr, 210,212,214,216Rn and 206,210Po compound nuclei populated through the fusion of the 19F+194,196,198Pt, 16,18O+194,198Pt and 12C+194,198Pt systems, respectively. Pre-scission neutron yields from these reactions are compared with the extensive statistical model calculations to look for the effects due to the compound nucleus shell closure, 𝑁/𝑍 ratio of the compound nucleus, magnitude of the saddle-point shell corerction and fission time-scale.

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