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    • Range and energy-loss measurement of238U in Makrofol-N using CR-39 track detector

      Atul Saxena K K Dwivedi R K Poddar G Fiedler

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      A simple experimental technique has been described for measuring range and energy-loss of any heavy ion in any complex medium with the help of a sensitive solid state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs). In this paper we present the results obtained from our measurements of ranges and energy-loss of 16.34 MeV/u238U in Makrofol-N using CR-39 track detector. Experimental ranges are compared with the corresponding theoretical values. The significance and scope of the present work are discussed.

    • Tracks of 18·56 MeV/u40Ar ions in Lexan polycarbonate detector

      Swarnali Ghosh Atul Saxena K K Dwivedi

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      Latent damage tracks of energetic40Ar ions (18·56 MeV/u) have been recorded in Lexan polycarbonate detector. Bulk and track-etch parameters are evaluated under successive chemical etching. Our results show a linear correlation between the measured track-etch rate along the track and the corresponding total energy-loss rate and predict a threshold value of 5·0 MeV mg−1 cm2 for track registration. Maximum etchable track lengths of40Ar ions as a function of energies have also been measured and compared with three different sets of theoretical ranges.

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