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    • Transfer of charge in liquid alloys

      Arun Pratap Meeta Rani N S Saxena

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      Hard sphere diameters of liquid alkali metal alloys (Na-Cs and K-Rb) are calculated at 373 K ensuring the minimum Helmholtz free energy of the system. These diameters are then used to fix the packing density of the alloy. On alloying, the hard sphere diameters of Na in Na-Cs and K in K-Rb alloys expand whereas those of Cs and Rb contract.

    • Structure factors and phonon dispersion in liquid Li0.61Na0.39 alloy

      Arun Pratap Kirit N Lad K G Raval

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      The phonon spectra for liquid Li and Na have been computed through the phenomenological model of Bhatia and Singh for disordered systems like liquids and glasses and the obtained results have been compared with the available data obtained by inelastic neutron scattering (INS) and inelastic X-ray scattering (IXS) experiments. The effective pair potentials and their space derivatives are important ingredients in the computation of the dispersion curves. The pair potentials are obtained using the pseudo-potential theory. The empty core model proposed by Ashcroft is widely used for pseudo-potential calculations for alkali metals. But, it is thought to be unsuitable for Li because of its simple 1s electronic structure. However, it can be used with an additional term known as Born-Mayer (BM) core term. The influence of the BM core term on the phonon dispersion is discussed. The same pseudo-potential formalism has been employed to obtain the dispersion relation in liquid Li0.61Na0.39 alloy. Apart from the phonon spectra, the Ashcroft-Langreth structure factors in the alloy are derived in the Percus-Yevick approximation.

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