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    • Alpha radioactivity for proton-rich even Pb isotopes

      Arati Devi S Prakash I Mehrotra

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      Half-lives for alpha radioactivity from proton-rich even Pb isotopes in the range $A = 182–202$ have been calculated using the unified fission-like approach. The geometrical shape of the potential barrier is parametrized in terms of a highly versatile, asymmetric and analytically solvable form of potential based on Ginnochio’s potential. Good agreement with the experimental data has been obtained with the variation of just one parameter. Half-lives of three unknown alpha emitters in the neutron-deficient Pb chain (198Pb, 200Pb and 204Pb) have been predicted. The exact expression for the transmission coefficient has been compared with those obtained from WKB approximation method for symmetric Eckart potential.

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