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    • Systematic trends in the line strengths of E1 transitions in the oxygen isoelectronic sequence

      Anju Agrawal K L Baluja

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      Line strengthsS for the dipole allowed transitions within then=2 complex of the oxygen isoelectronic sequence have been fitted in the formZ2S=A+B/(ZC), whereZ is the nuclear charge of a particular ion. The constantsA, B andC are determined by using a non-linear least square method. The data forS are taken from the configuration interaction calculations which included internal, semi-internal and all external type correlations for ions in the rangeZ=8 − 25. It is shown that the values ofA obtained from the fit for all the transitions are in excellent accord with the ab-initio values obtained in the hydrogenic limitZ → ∞ provided near degeneracy effects are included in the ground state multiplet 1s22s22p41S.

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