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    • Electrical resistivity of NaPb compound-forming liquid alloy using abinitio pseudopotentials

      Anil Thakur N S Negi P K Ahluwalia

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      The study of electrical resistivity of compound-forming liquid alloy, NaPb, is presented as a function of concentration. Hard sphere diameters of Na and Pb are obtained through the interionic pair potentials evaluated using Troullier and Martinsab initio pseudopotential, which have been used to calculate the partial structure factors S(q). Considering the liquid alloy to be a ternary mixture, Ziman formula, modified for complex formation has been used for calculating resistivity of binary liquid alloys. Form factors are calculated usingab initio pseudopotentials. The results suggest that Ziman formalism, when used withab initio pseudopotentials, are quite successful in explaining the electrical resistivity data of compound-forming binary liquid alloys.

    • Interionic pair potentials and partial structure factors of compound-forming quaternary NaSn liquid alloy: First principle approach

      Anil Thakur P K Ahluwalia

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      In this paper formulae for partial structure factors have been used to study partial structure factors of compound-forming quaternary liquid alloys by considering Hoshino's m-component hard-sphere mixture, which is based on Percus-Yevic equation of Hiroike. Formulae are applied to NaSn (Na, Sn, NaSn, Na3Sn) which is considered as a quaternary liquid mixture with the formation of two compounds simultaneously. We have compared the total structure factors for ternary and quaternary alloys with experimental total structure factors which are found to be in good agreement. This suggests that, for suitable stoichiometric composition, two compounds are formed simultaneously. The hard-sphere diameters needed have been calculated using Troullier and Martins ab-initio pseudopotentials.

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