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    • Neutrino reactions and restrictions on the O(4) × U(1)-gauge theory of weak and electromagnetic interactions

      Amar Maheshwari

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      In this paper we have analysed and restricted the freedom of constructing gauge models of Pais type, based on the symmetry group O(4) × U(1) using the latest experimental data from neutrino reactions. The hadrons are made out of the fractionally charged Gell-Mann-Zweig quarks. The left-handed quarks and leptons are restricted to (a) 4-vector (b) 4-spinor and (c) adjoint representations of O(4). The right-handed quarks and leptons are taken as scalars of O(4). It is found that the model based on 4-spinorL-leptons and 4-spinorL-quarks agrees the best with the known phenomenology of weak interactions.

    • A study of the Higgs effect in the five-dimensional Kaluza-Klein theory

      Amar Maheshwari

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      The complete expression of the five-dimensional Einstein-Hilbert action as an expansion in fields in the Appelquist-Chodos parametrization of the Kaluza-Klein metric has been given in this paper. It is explicitly shown that a unitary gauge can be fixed in which in each of the charge sectors the vector and the scalar fields are absorbed as Goldstone modes leaving behind the Pauli-Fierz Lagrangian for massive charged spin-2 field.

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