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    • Diquark structure in heavy quark baryons in a geometric model

      Lina Paria Afsar Abbas

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      Using a geometric model to study the structure of hadrons, baryons having one, two and three heavy quarks have been studied here. The study reveals diquark structure in baryons with one and two heavy quarks but not with three heavy identical quarks.

    • A new ‘hidden colour hypothesis’ in hadron physics

      Afsar Abbas

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      A new ‘hidden colour hypothesis’ within the framework of QCD, as an extension of and in keeping with the spirit of the ‘colour singlet hypothesis’ is hereby proposed. As such it should play a role in a consistent description of exotic hadrons, such as diquonia, pentaquarks, dibaryons etc. How these exotic hadrons are affected by this new hypothesis is discussed here. This new hypothesis suggests that the experimentalists may not be looking for single exotics but for composites of two or more of the same

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