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    • Deviation from tri-bimaximal mixings through flavour twisters in inverted and normal hierarchical neutrino mass models

      N Nimai Singh Monisa Rajkhowa Abhijit Borah

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      We explore a novel possibility for lowering the solar mixing angle ($\theta_{12}$) from tri-bimaximal mixings, without sacrificing the predictions of maximal atmospheric mixing angle ($\theta_{23} = 45^{\circ}$) and zero reactor angle ($\theta_{13} = 0^{\circ}$) in the inverted and normal hierarchical neutrino mass models having 2-3 symmetry. This can be done through the identification of a flavour twister term in the texture of neutrino mass matrix and the variation of such term leads to lowering of solar mixing angle. For the observed ranges of $\Delta m_{21}^{2}$ and $\Delta m_{23}^{2}$, we calculate the predictions on tan2 $\theta_{12} = 0.5, 0.45, 0.35$ for different input values of the parameters in the neutrino mass matrix. We also observe a possible transition from inverted hierarchical model having even CP parity (Type-IHA) to inverted hierarchical model having odd CP parity (Type-IHB) in the first two mass eigenvalues, when there is a change in input values of parameters in the same mass matrix. The present work differs from the conventional approaches for the deviations from tri-bimaximal mixing, where the 2-3 symmetry is broken, leading to $\theta_{23} \neq 45^{\circ}$ and $\theta_{13} \neq 0^{\circ}$.

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