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    • Production of tachyons and antiparticles in extended manifolds of general relativity

      A P Trofimenko V S Gurin

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      The extended space-time manifold in a uniformly accelerating reference frame is considered both for positive and negative accelerations. An analogy between the light barrier and a black hole event horizon in the theory of relativity is drawn. It is shown that bradyon-tachyon-antibradyon transformations are possible in the proper reference frame by a constant acceleration, i.e. for the light barrier penetration.

    • Higher-dimensional white holes

      V S Gurin A P Trofimenko

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      White holes (relativistic anticollapsing objects) are considered both in the five-dimensional Kaluza-Klein theory and in the many-dimensional representation of extended space-time manifolds with horizons within the framework of general relativity. In the last model white holes (e.g. Kerr-Newman) appear as anticollapsing from extra (additional) dimensions. These dimensions are connected with the global structure of space-time manifolds.

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