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    • Fake double layers in double plasma devices

      S K Mattoo Y C Saxena A N Sekar

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      The double layer like potential jumps have been observed in a double plasma device. They do not correspond to a switching of plasma potential from one metastable state to another but are caused by the ionisation of a very minute amount of the gas that inevitably leaks into the system during the probe movement.

    • Potential double layers in double plasma device

      A N Sekar Y C Saxena

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      Results of the investigation on the formation of double layers in double plasma device are presented. By appropriate modifications in the biasing conditions, we have been able to obtain both weak (eΔφ<10KTe) and strong double layers (eΔφ>10kTe) in the device. Unlike previous experiments, we have not been limited to potential jumps equal to ionisation potential of the neutral gas. A detailed investigation has been carried out to find out why earlier experiments in similar devices were limited to only weak double layers.

      We have also investigated the phenomenon of the so-called psuedo-double layers and have shown that they are potential jumps over the thickness of the order of Debye length and precede plasma expanding with velocity many times the ion-acoustic velocity. They do not represent metastable states of the plasma as suggested by earlier investigators.

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