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    • Design and development of a superconducting magnet system for study of magnetoresistance in the temperature range 1.5–300 K

      A K Nigam S Sundaram Girish Chandra

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      The design and fabrication of an all-metal cryostat, superconducting magnet and variable temperature sample holder insert for the measurement of magnetoresistance at temperatures in the range 1.5–300 K are described. A field of 50 kilogauss has been achieved at the centre of a one-inch bore superconducting solenoid and has a uniformity of 0.2% over an axial distance of 20 mm around the centre of the solenoid. Also, the design and construction of vapour cooled current leads for the magnet are discussed.

    • Metamagnetism in Ce(Ga,Al)2

      K G Suresh S Radha A K Nigam

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      Effect of Al substitution on the magnetic properties of Ce(Ga1−xAlx)2 (x=0, 0.1 and 0.5) system has been studied. The magnetic state of CeGa2 is found to be FM with a TC of 8 K, whereas the compounds with x=0.1 and 0.5 are AFM and possess TN of about 9 K. These two compounds undergo metamagnetic transition and the critical fields are about 1.2 T and 0.5 T. respectively at 2 K. These variations are explained on the basis of helical spin structure in these compounds.

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