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    • Energy dependence of multiplicity in proton-nucleus collisions and models of multiparticle production

      A Gurtu P K Malhotra I S Mittra P M Sood SC Gupta VK Gupta GL Kaul LK Mangotra Y Prakash NK Rao ML Sharma

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      This is a continuation of our earlier investigation (Gurtuet al 1974Phys. Lett.50 B 391) on multiparticle production in proton-nucleus collisions based on an exposure of emulsion stack to 200 GeV/c beam at the NAL. It is found that the ratioRem = 〈ns〉/〈nch〉, where 〈nch〉 is the charged particle multiplicity in pp-collisions, increases slowly from about 1 at 10 GeV/c to 1·6 at 68 GeV/c and attains a constant value of 1·71 ± 0·04 in the region 200 to 8000 GeV/c. Furthermore,Rem = 1·71 implies an effectiveA-dependence ofRA =A0.18,i.e., a very weak dependence. Predictions ofRem on various models are discussed and compared with the emulsion data. Data seem to favour models of hadron-nucleon collisions in which production of particles takes place through adouble step mechanism,e.g., diffractive excitation, hydrodynamical and energy flux cascade as opposed to models which envisage instantaneous production.

    • Electroweak results from LEP

      A Gurtu

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    • Recent results from LEP

      A Gurtu

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      Recent results from the LEP collider at CERN are presented: on the identification of e+eW+W and the determination of the W mass and width and limits on its anomalous couplings; the search for the Standard Model and non-minimal Higgs; search for SUSY and other new particles. Fits to all electroweak data leading to predictions of the Higgs mass within the Standard Model are presented.

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