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    • 1H relaxation study in (NH4)2SbF5

      B Bandyopadhyay A Ghoshray R Mukhopadhyay R M Kadam

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      1H spin-lattice relaxation rate (T1−1) has been measured using inversion recovery technique in polycrystalline (NH4)2SbF5 system in the temperature range 140–400 K. From the plot of log (M0M) againstτ, we have estimated two differentT1 corresponding to two inequivalent ammonium ions in the unit cell. Temperature-dependence ofT1 in each case exhibits features of double minima indicating the influence of different correlation times corresponding to different types of motion. Activation energies at different temperature regions have been estimated. Some features of dynamics of motion of the different groups of ions across the phase transitions have been discussed.

    • Proton NMR in CeNiInH0.53 down to liquid helium temperature

      R Ray A Ghoshray K Ghoshray N Chatterjee

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      The NMR probe and the matching network has been designed for the1H NMR study in CeNiInH0.53 down to liquid helium temperature using Bruker MSL 100 spectrometer. NMR line-shape measurement shows the absence of any signature of proton pairing in CeNiInH0.53 down to 3.86 K, as it was observed for high hydrogen concentration. The measurement of the spin-lattice relaxation time in the temperature range 300–20K reveals that the relaxation rate is mainly governed by the Korringa-type relaxation mechanism.

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