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    • Particle-hole calculations in4He and16O with centre of mass subtracted kinetic energy

      J Dey A Ansari

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      It is found that in light nuclei it is very important to use a relative kinetic energy operator. This kinetic energy is mass number dependent and contributes in all odd parity (J*,T) channels. In particular it is seen to produce the spurious state exactly at zero energy in the (1, 0) channel in TDA both in4He and16O. The effect of the relative KE is to decrease the central force attraction and increase the relative importance of the tensor force. The latter is important in RPA. Sussex matrix elements without the hard core are used.

    • An angular momentum expansion of energy and structure of high spin states

      M Satpathy R Sahu A Ansari L Satpathy

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      A new angular momentum expansion of level energies of ground-state band of even-even nuclei has been obtained which is found to converge rapidly even for the most back-bending nuclei. Attempts have been made to interpret the parameters and calculate them microscopically. It is found that nuclear structure in the forward bending region is quite different compared to that in the back-bending region.

    • Nuclear structure at high excitation energies

      A Ansari

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      The present paper deals with the investigation of hot GDR and quadrupole shapes of 106,120Sn isotopes as a function of temperature and spin utilizing cranked quadrupole-quadrupole model interaction hamlitonian in the linear response theory and static path approximation to the grand canonical partition function.

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