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    • A comprehensive theoretical analysis of ${12}$^B + ${58}$^Ni elastic scattering measured for the first time by using different density distributions, different nuclear potentials and different cluster approaches

      AYGUN M

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      Recently, Zevallos et al [Phys. Rev. C $\bf{99}$, 064613 (2019)] measured, for the first time, the elastic scattering data of $^{12}\rm{B} + ^{58}\rm{Ni}$ reaction at $E_{Lab} = 30.0$ and 33.0 MeV. For the first time, we show a comprehensive theoretical analysis of the experimental data of $^{12}\rm{B}+^{58}\rm{Ni}$ reaction. First, we propose alternative density distributions for the $^{12}\rm{B}$ nucleus, and obtain the elastic scattering angular distributions of $^{12}\rm{B} + ^{58}\rm{Ni}$ reaction with the help of these densities. Secondly, we calculate the elastic scattering cross-sections of $^{12}\rm{B} + ^{58}\rm{Ni}$ reaction by using 13 different nuclear potentials to reveal alternative nuclear potentials. Finally, we examine cluster structures such as $α + ^8\rm{Li}$ and $n + ^{11}\rm{B}$ of the $^{12}\rm{B}$ nucleus by using a simple approach, and acquire elastic scattering cross-sections of $^{12}\rm{B} + ^{58}\rm{Ni}$ reaction over these cluster approaches. We compare all the theoretical results with the experimentaldata, and discuss their similarities and differences. Also, we propose new equations of both normalisation constant and imaginary potential parameters for all the systems analysed.

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