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    • Nuclear multipole excitations in the framework of self-consistent Hartree–Fock random phase approximation for Skyrme forces


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      In this study, the fully self-consistent Hartree–Fock (HF)-based random phase approximation (RPA) calculations were done for the $^{40}\rm{Ca}$ and $^{48}\rm{Ca}$ nuclei using 20 Skyrme-type interactions: KDE0, KDE0v1, SLy4, SLy5, SLy6, SK255, SKI2, SKI3, SKI5, SKM, SKMP, SKP, LNS, SGII, RAPT, SV-bas, SV-m56-O, SV-m64-O, SV-min and T6. Having a large number of Skyrme-force parameterisations requires a continuous search for the bestfor describing the experimental data. To examine our results, we compared the strength functions $S(E)$, the charge density distribution and centroid energies $E_{CEN}$ of the isoscalar giant monopole resonance (ISGMR), $J^{\pi} = 0^{+}, T = 0$, the isovector giant dipole resonance (IVGDR), $J^{\pi} = 1^{−}, T = 1$, and isoscalar giant quadrupole resonance (ISGQR), $J^{\pi} = 2^{+}, T = 0$ with the available experimental data. Moreover, we discussed the sensitivities of the centroid energy $m_{1}/m_{0}$ and moment $m_{1}$ of the $S(E)$ to the bulk properties of nuclear matter (NM), such as $K_{NM}$,the effective mass $m^{\ast}/m$ and the enhancement factor $κ$.

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