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    • Analytic treatment of nonlinear evolution equations using first integral method

      Ahmet Bekir Ömer Ünsal

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      In this paper, we show the applicability of the first integral method to combined KdV-mKdV equation, Pochhammer–Chree equation and coupled nonlinear evolution equations. The power of this manageable method is confirmed by applying it for three selected nonlinear evolution equations. This approach can also be applied to other nonlinear differential equations.

    • A procedure to construct exact solutions of nonlinear evolution equations

      Adem Cengiz Çevikel Ahmet Bekir Mutlu Akar Sait San

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      In this paper, we implemented the functional variable method for the exact solutions of the Zakharov-Kuznetsov-modified equal-width (ZK-MEW), the modified Benjamin-Bona-Mohany (mBBM) and the modified kdV-Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (kdV-KP) equation. By using this scheme, we found some exact solutions of the above-mentioned equation. The obtained solutions include solitary wave solutions, periodic wave solutions and combined formal solutions. The functional variable method presents a wider-applicability for handling nonlinear wave equations.

    • Bright and dark soliton solutions of the $(3 + 1)$-dimensional generalized Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation and generalized Benjamin equation

      Ahmet Bekir Özkan Güner

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      In this paper, we obtain the 1-soliton solutions of the $(3 + 1)$-dimensional generalized Kadomtsev–Petviashvili (gKP) equation and the generalized Benjamin equation. By using two solitary wave ansatz in terms of sech$^{p}$ and tanh$^{p}$ functions, we obtain exact analytical bright and dark soliton solutions for the considered model. These solutions may be useful and desirable for explaining some nonlinear physical phenomena in genuinely nonlinear dynamical systems.

    • Comparison between the generalized tanh–coth and the (G'/G)-expansion methods for solving NPDEs and NODEs


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      In this paper, we find exact solutions of some nonlinear evolution equations by using generalized tanh–coth method. Three nonlinear models of physical significance, i.e. the Cahn–Hilliard equation, the Allen–Cahn equation and the steady-state equation with a cubic nonlinearity are considered and their exact solutions are obtained. From the general solutions, other well-known results are also derived. Also in this paper, we shall compare the generalized tanh–coth method and generalized (G'/G )-expansion method to solve partial differentialequations (PDEs) and ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Abundant exact travelling wave solutions including solitons, kink, periodic and rational solutions have been found. These solutions might play important roles in engineering fields. The generalized tanh–coth method was used to construct periodic wave and solitary wave solutions of nonlinear evolution equations. This method is developed for searching exact travelling wave solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations. It is shown that the generalized tanh–coth method, with the help of symbolic computation, provides a straightforward and powerful mathematical tool for solving nonlinear problems.

    • Symbolic computation and abundant travelling wave solutions to KdV–mKdV equation


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      In this article, the novel $(G'/G)$-expansion method is successfully applied to construct the abundant travelling wave solutions to the KdV–mKdV equation with the aid of symbolic computation. This equation is one of the most popular equation in soliton physics and appear in many practical scenarios like thermal pulse, wave propagation of bound particle, etc. The method is reliable and useful, and gives more general exact travelling wave solutions than the existing methods. The solutions obtained are in the form of hyperbolic, trigonometricand rational functions including solitary, singular and periodic solutions which have many potential applications in physical science and engineering. Many of these solutions are new and some have already been constructed. Additionally, the constraint conditions, for the existence of the solutions are also listed.

    • New closed form solutions of the new coupled Konno–Oono equation using the new extended direct algebraic method


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      In this paper, we apply the new extended direct algebraic method (NEDAM) to solve new exact solutions of the new coupled Konno–Oono (CKO) equation, and construct exact solution expressed in terms of hyperbolic functions and trigonometric functions with arbitrary parameters. A comparison between our established results and the results obtained by the existing ones is also presented. As a newly developed mathematical tool, the proposedmethod is an effective and straightforward technique to work out new solutions of various types of nonlinear partial differential equations (NLPDEs) in applied sciences and engineering.

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