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    • Self-field effects on small-signal gain in two-stage free-electron lasers

      S Jafari H Mehdian A Hasanbeigi

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      Self-field effects, induced by charge and current densities of the electron beam, on gain in two-stage free-electron laser with nonuniform guide magnetic field is presented. The gain equation for small-signal has been derived analytically. The results of numerical calculations show a gain decrement for group I orbits and a gain enhancement for group II orbits, due to the self-field effects. The wiggler-induced self-magnetic field has a diamagnetic effect for group I orbits, whereas for group II, it has a paramagnetic effect. It is also found that using a nonuniform guide field, rather than a uniform one, causes the gain to increase.

    • Growth rate enhancement of free-electron laser by two consecutive wigglers with axial magnetic field

      A Hasanbeigi A Farhadian E Khademi Bidhendi

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      The operative mechanism for a free-electron laser (FEL) with two consecutive helical wigglers having opposite circular polarization in the presence of an axial magnetic field is proposed and analysed. With the help of fluid theory, a tenth-degree polynomial dispersion equation for electromagnetic and space-charge waves is derived. The results are used to illustrate and discuss the dependence of growth rate on different system parameters. Finally, it is shown that for the same system parameters the growth rate of the proposed structure is more than the growth rate of instability in a conventional FEL.

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