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    • Transport properties of poly(GACT)–poly(CTGA) deoxyribonucleic acid: A ladder model approach

      S A Ketabi A A Fouladi

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      In this paper, based on the tight-binding Hamiltonian model and within the framework of a generalized Green's function technique, the electronic conduction through the poly(GACT)–poly(CTGA) DNA molecule in SWNT/DNA/SWNT structure has been numerically investigated. In a ladder model, we consider DNA as a planar molecule containing 𝑀 cells and four further sites (two base pair sites and two backbone sites) in each cell, sandwiched between two semi-infinite single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) as the electrodes. Having relied on Landauer formalism, we focussed on studying the current–voltage characteristics of DNA, the effect of the coupling strength of SWNT/DNA interface and the role of tube radius of nanotube contacts on the electronic transmission through the foregoing structure. Finally, a characteristic time was calculated for the electron transmission, which measures the delay caused by the tunnelling through the SWNT/DNA interface. The results clearly show that the calculated characteristic time and also the conductance of the system are sensitive to the coupling strength between DNA molecule and nanotube contacts.

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