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    • Finite groups all of whose minimal subgroups are $NE^{\ast}$-subgroups

      Yonggang Li Xianggui Zhong

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      Let 𝐺 be a finite group. A subgroup 𝐻 of 𝐺 is called an $NE$-subgroup of 𝐺 if it satisfies $H^G \cap N_{G}(H) = H$. A subgroup 𝐻 of 𝐺 is said to be a $NE^{\ast}$-subgroup of 𝐺 if there exists a subnormal subgroup 𝑇 of 𝐺 such that $G = HT$ and $H \cap T$ is a $NE$-subgroup of 𝐺. In this article, we investigate the structure of 𝐺 under the assumption that subgroups of prime order are $NE^{\ast}$-subgroups of 𝐺. The finite groups, all of whose minimal subgroups of the generalized Fitting subgroup are $NE^{\ast}$-subgroups are classified.

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