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    • Poisson formulae of Hecke type

      S Raghavan S S Rangachari

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    • On estimates for integral solutions of linear inequalities

      S Raghavan

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      Recently, Bombieri and Vaaler obtained an interesting adelic formulation of the first and the second theorems of Minkowski in the Geometry of Numbers and derived an effective formulation of the well-known “Siegel’s lemma” on the size of integral solutions of linear equations. In a similar context involving linearinequalities, this paper is concerned with an analogue of a theorem of Khintchine on integral solutions for inequalities arising from systems of linear forms and also with an analogue of a Kronecker-type theorem with regard to euclidean frames of integral vectors. The proof of the former theorem invokes Bombieri-Vaaler’s adelic formulation of Minkowski’s theorem.

    • On Ramanujan’s modular identities

      S Raghavan

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      For Ramanujan’s modular identities connected with his well-known partition congruences for the moduli 5 or 7, we had given, in an earlier paper, natural and uniform proofs through the medium of modular forms. Analogous (modular) identities corresponding to the (more difficult) case of the modulus 11 are provided here, with the consequent partition congruences; the relationship with relevant results of N J Fine is also sketched.

    • On Fourier coefficients of Maass cusp forms in 3-dimensional hyperbolic space

      S Raghavan J Sengupta

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      In this article we establish the analogue of a theorem of Kuznetsov (theorem 6 of [3]) in the case of 3-dimensional hyperbolic space. We also consider a generalization of this result for higher dimensional hyperbolic spaces and discuss the relevant ingredients of a proof.

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