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    • Spherical Means in Annular Regions in the 𝑛-Dimensional Real Hyperbolic Spaces

      Rama Rawat R K Srivastava

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      Let $Z_{r,R}$ be the class of all continuous functions 𝑓 on the annulus $\mathrm{Ann}(r,R)$ in the real hyperbolic space $\mathbb{B}^n$ with spherical means $M_sf(x)=0$, whenever $s>0$ and $x\in\mathbb{B}^n$ are such that the sphere $S_s(x)\subset\mathrm{Ann}(r,R)$ and $B_r(o)\subseteq B_s(x)$. In this article, we give a characterization for functions in $Z_{r,R}$. In the case $R=\infty$, this result gives a new proof of Helgason’s support theorem for spherical means in the real hyperbolic spaces.

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