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    • The contact angle in inviscid fluid mechanics

      P N Shankar R Kidambi

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      We show that in general, the specification of a contact angle condition at the contact line in inviscid fluid motions is incompatible with the classical field equations and boundary conditions generally applicable to them. The limited conditions under which such a specification is permissible are derived; however, these include cases where the static meniscus is not flat. In view of this situation, the status of the many ‘solutions’ in the literature which prescribe a contact angle in potential flows comes into question. We suggest that these solutions which attempt to incorporate a phenomenological, but incompatible, condition are in some, imprecise sense ‘weak-type solutions’; they satisfy or are likely to satisfy, at least in the limit, the governing equations and boundary conditions everywhere except in the neighbourhood of the contact line. We discuss the implications of the result for the analysis of inviscid flows with free surfaces.

    • The embedding method for linear partial differential equations in unbounded and multiply connected domains

      P N Shankar

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      The recently suggested embedding method to solve linear boundary value problems is here extended to cover situations where the domain of interest is unbounded or multiply connected. The extensions involve the use of complete sets of exterior and interior eigenfunctions on canonical domains. Applications to typical boundary value problems for Laplace’s equation, the Oseen equations and the biharmonic equation are given as examples.

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