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    • Forced convection over a semi-infinite flat plate

      N K Banthiya Noor Afzal

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      The problem of forced convection heat transfer over a semi-infinite flat plate is treated by the method of series truncation, so as to yield results valid from leading edge to far downstream (0 < -R0< ∞). Results are presented for Prandtl number Pr = 0.1, 0.7, and 10. It is found that the effect of leading edge on heat transfer is smaller than on skin friction.

    • Minimum error solutions of boundary layer equations

      Noor Afzal

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      The minimum error solutions of boundary layer equations in the least square sense have been studied by employing the Euler-Lagrange equations. To test the method a class of problems,i.e., boundary layer on a flat plate, Hiemenz flow, boundary layer on a moving sheet and boundary layer in non-Newtonian fluids have been studied. The comparison of the results with approximate methods, like Karman-Pohlhuasen, local potential and other variational methods, shows that the present predictions are invariably better.

    • A three-layer asymptotic analysis of turbulent channel flow

      Noor Afzal W B Bush

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      In the classical theory for large-Reynolds number fully developed channel flow, the solutions obtained by asymptotic-expansion techniques for the outer Karman defect layer and the inner Prandtl wall layer are demonstrated to match through the introduction of an intermediate layer, based on a general intermediate limit. From an examination of the results for this general intermediate layer, the distinguished intermediate limit and the corresponding intermediate layer for which the turbulent and laminar contributions to the difference of the Reynolds stress from the wall stress are of the same order of magnitude are identified. The thickness of this distinguished intermediate layer is found to be of the order of the geometric mean of the thicknesses of the outer and inner layers

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