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    • Inequalities for the derivative of a polynomial

      Abdul Aziz Nisar Ahmad

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      Let P(z) be a polynomial of degreen which does not vanish in ¦z¦ <k, wherek > 0. Fork ≤ 1, it is known that$$\mathop {\max }\limits_{|z| = 1} |P'(z)| \leqslant \frac{n}{{1 + k^n }}\mathop {\max }\limits_{|z| = 1} |P(z)|$$, provided ¦P’(z)¦ and ¦Q’(z)¦ become maximum at the same point on ¦z¦ = 1, where$$Q(z) = z^n \overline {P(1/\bar z)} $$. In this paper we obtain certain refinements of this result. We also present a refinement of a generalization of the theorem of Tuŕan.

    • New integral mean estimates for polynomials

      Abdul Aziz Nisar Ahmad Rather

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      In this paper we prove someLP inequalities for polynomials, wherep is any positive number. They are related to earlier inequalities due to A Zygmund, N G De Bruijn, V V Arestov, etc. A generalization of a polynomial inequality concerning self-inversive polynomials, is also obtained.

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