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    • On the supersingular reduction of elliptic curves

      M Ram Murty

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      Let a∈Q and denote byEa the curvey2 = (x2+ l)(x + a). We prove thatEa(Fp) is cyclic for infinitely many primesp. This fact was known previously only under the assumption of the generalized Riemann hypothesis.

    • On Zagier’s cusp form and the Ramanujan τ function

      Ashwaq Hashim M Ram Murty

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      Zagier constructed a cusp form for each weightk of the full modular group. We use this construction to estimate Fourier coefficients of cusp forms. In particular, we get a non-trivial estimate, by elementary methods and indicate a relationship with the Lindelof hypothesis for classical Dirichlet L-functions.

    • On a Paper of S S Pillai

      M Ram Murty R Thangadurai

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      In 1935, Erdös proved that all natural numbers can be written as a sum of a square of a prime and a square-free number. In 1939, Pillai derived an asymptotic formula for the number of such representations. The mathematical review of Pillai’s paper stated that the proof of the above result contained inaccuracies, thus casting a doubt on the correctness of the paper. In this paper, we re-examine Pillai’s paper and show that his argument was essentially correct. Afterwards, we improve the error term in Pillai’s theorem using the Bombieri–Vinogradov theorem.

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