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    • Repdigits in 𝑘-Lucas Sequences

      Jhon J J Bravo Florian Luca

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      For an integer $k\geq 2$, let $(L_n^{(k)})_n$ be the 𝑘-Lucas sequence which starts with $0,\ldots,0,2,1$ (𝑘 terms) and each term afterwards is the sum of the 𝑘 preceding terms. In 2000, Luca (Port. Math. 57(2) 2000 243-254) proved that 11 is the largest number with only one distinct digit (the so-called repdigit) in the sequence $(L_n^{(2)})_n$. In this paper, we address a similar problem in the family of 𝑘-Lucas sequences. We also show that the 𝑘-Lucas sequences have similar properties to those of 𝑘-Fibonacci sequences and occur in formulae simultaneously with the latter.

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