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    • Scattering of antiplane shear wave by a propagating crack at the interface of two dissimilar elastic media

      J Sarkar M L Ghosh S C Manual

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      An analysis of the scattering of horizontally polarized shear wave by a semi-infinite crack running with uniform velocity along the interface of two dissimilar semi-infinite elastic media has been carried out. The mixed boundary value problem has been solved completely by the Wiener-Hopf technique. The effect of different values of the material parameter, the angle of incidence of incident wave and the crack propagation velocity on the stress intensity factor have been illustrated graphically.

    • Four coplanar Griffith cracks moving in an infinitely long elastic strip under antiplane shear stress

      J Sarkar M L Ghosh S C Mandal

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      This paper concerns with the problem of determining the anti-plane dynamic stress distributions around four coplanar finite length Griffith cracks moving steadily with constant velocity in an infinitely long finite width strip. The two-dimensional Fourier transforms have been used to reduce the mixed boundary value problem to the solution of five integral equations. These integral equations have been solved using the finite Hilbert transform technique to obtain the analytic form of crack opening displacement and stress intensity factors. Numerical results have also been depicted graphically.

    • On CNC commuting contractive tuples

      T Bhattacharyya J Eschmeier J Sarkar

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      The characteristic function has been an important tool for studying completely non-unitary contractions on Hilbert spaces. In this note, we consider completely non-coisometric contractive tuples of commuting operators on a Hilbert space H. We show that the characteristic function, which is now an operator-valued analytic function on the open Euclidean unit ball in ℂn, is a complete unitary invariant for such a tuple. We prove that the characteristic function satisfies a natural transformation law under biholomorphic mappings of the unit ball. We also characterize all operator-valued analytic functions which arise as characteristic functions of pure commuting contractive tuples.

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