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    • Reduction theory for a rational function field

      Amritanshu Prasad

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      LetG be a split reductive group over a finite field Fq. LetF = Fq(t) and let A denote the adèles ofF. We show that every double coset inG(F)/G(A)/K has a representative in a maximal split torus ofG. HereK is the set of integral adèlic points ofG. WhenG ranges over general linear groups this is equivalent to the assertion that any algebraic vector bundle over the projective line is isomorphic to a direct sum of line bundles.

    • The Cartan Matrix of a Centralizer Algebra

      Umesh V Dubey Amritanshu Prasad Pooja Singla

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      The centralizer algebra of a matrix consists of those matrices that commute with it. We investigate the basic representation-theoretic invariants of centralizer algebras, namely their radicals, projective indecomposable modules, injective indecomposable modules, simple modules and Cartan matrices. With the help of our Cartan matrix calculations we determine their global dimensions. Many of these algebras are of infinite global dimension.

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