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    • n-Colour self-inverse compositions

      Geetika Narang A K Agarwal

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      MacMahon’s definition of self-inverse composition is extended ton-colour self-inverse composition. This introduces four new sequences which satisfy the same recurrence relation with different initial conditions like the famous Fibonacci and Lucas sequences. For these new sequences explicit formulas, recurrence relations, generating functions and a summation formula are obtained. Two new binomial identities with combinatorial meaning are also given.

    • On an Extension of a Combinatorial Identity

      M Rana A K Agarwal

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      Using Frobenius partitions we extend the main results of [4]. This leads to an infinite family of 4-way combinatorial identities. In some particular cases we get even 5-way combinatorial identities which give us four new combinatorial versions of Göllnitz–Gordon identities.

    • A New Class of Lattice Paths and Partitions with 𝑛 Copies of 𝑛

      S Anand A K Agarwal

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      Agarwal and Bressoud (Pacific J. Math. 136(2)(1989) 209–228) defined a class of weighted lattice paths and interpreted several 𝑞-series combinatorially. Using the same class of lattice paths, Agarwal (Utilitas Math. 53(1998) 71–80; ARS Combinatoria 76(2005) 151–160) provided combinatorial interpretations for several more 𝑞-series. In this paper, a new class of weighted lattice paths, which we call associated lattice paths is introduced. It is shown that these new lattice paths can also be used for giving combinatorial meaning to certain 𝑞-series. However, the main advantage of our associated lattice paths is that they provide a graphical representation for partitions with $n+t$ copies of 𝑛 introduced and studied by Agarwal (Partitions with 𝑛 copies of 𝑛, Lecture Notes in Math., No. 1234 (Berlin/New York: Springer-Verlag) (1985) 1–4) and Agarwal and Andrews (J. Combin. Theory A45(1)(1987) 40–49).

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