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    • On the set of discrete subgroups of bounded covolume in a semisimple group

      A Borel

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      In this noteG is a locally compact group which is the product of finitely many groups Gs(ks)(s∈S), where ks is a local field of characteristic zero and Gs an absolutely almost simpleks-group, ofks-rank ≥1. We assume that the sum of the rs is ≥2 and fix a Haar measure onG. Then, given a constantc > 0, it is shown that, up to conjugacy,G contains only finitely many irreducible discrete subgroupsL of covolume ≥c (4.2). This generalizes a theorem of H C Wang for real groups. His argument extends to the present case, once it is shown thatL is finitely presented (2.4) and locally rigid (3.2).

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