• V Venkateswarlu

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Ecological studies in the paper mill effluents and their impact on the river Tungabhadra: Heavy metals and algae

      P Manikya Reddy V Venkateswarlu

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      Certain metals have been investigated in paper mills effluent channel and in the river Tungabhadra in relation to their distribution, seasonal fluctuations and their effect, if any, on algae. The concentrations of various metals analysed are in the order of Zn>Cu>Pb>Ni>Co>Mn. In general these metals indicated an increase in their concentration along with the increase in the concentrations of chlorides, total hardness, sulphates and total alkalinity. Blue-greens and diatoms seem to be more tolerant to these ions than Chlorophyceae.Stigeoclonium exhibited very good growth at high concentrations of zinc, copper and nickel and at low concentrations of cobalt and lead.Schizomeris attained good growth when the lead concentration was high and cobalt was low.

    • Ecological studies on the rivers of Andhra Pradesh with special reference to water quality and pollution

      V Venkateswarlu

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      Ecological investigations in the rivers Moosi, Manjira, Tungabhadra, Kagna and Godavari have been made over a number of years. Physical, chemical and algal parameters were analysed at both unpolluted and polluted stations in the rivers and yearly averages, ranges and percentages of algae are presented. Bacteriological and biochemical conditions in the river Moosi are also described and discussed. On the basis of all these parameters, an assessment of water qualities and pollution is made. The significance of benthic algae in river monitoring and pollution studies is emphasized.


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