• T K Prasad

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    • Initiation of adventitious buds in tuberous roots ofIpomoea batatas

      T K Prasad P M Mehta Y S Dave

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      The anatomical development of adventitious buds in the tuberous roots ofIpomoea batatas has been studied. Only the detached tubers regenerate. The bud primordia develop from the procambium-like cells adjoining lateral root scars. Initially, the buds grow away from the surface of the tuber but, later, they turn almost 180°, towards the surface of the tuber, before bursting out of the tuber. The growth of the bud is largely contributed by random periclinal divisions of parenchymatous cells of the bud primordium. The basipetally developed vasculature of the bud is connected to the vasculature of the lateral root.


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