• Subhash C Ram

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    • Growth and allocation strategy of some important species of seral grasslands at Cherrapunji in north-eastern India

      Subhash C Ram P S Ramakrishnan

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      Growth and allocation patterns of biomass and nutrients of herbaceous species from grasslands at Cherrapunji in north-eastern India were studied under varied nutrient stress situations. Though populations from a nutrient richer soil had better growth rate than those from nutrient poor sites, this difference was not reflected in the tissue concentration of nutrients. Populations in nutrient deficient soils had high allocation to the belowground organs of reproduction than for aboveground parts. ThoughIschaemum andEragrostiella had generally lower nitrogen uptake efficiencies, their use efficiency was fairly high. Soils that are generally nutrient deficient had more C4 grass components than the rich soil underOsbeckia-type.


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