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      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Growth response of some thermophilous fungi at different incubation temperatures

      S Singh D K Sandhu

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      Growth response of 21 thermophilous fungi at 10 different temperatures from 15–62° C has been studied. These fungi could be categorized into three groups, i.e., microthermophiles, thermotolerant and true thermophiles. The temperature relations of 6 thermophilous fungi namelyAspergillus tamarii, A. terreus var.aureus (microthermophiles),A. nidulans var.echinulatus A. viridi-nutans, A. fumigatus var.ellipticus andA. caespitosus (thermotolerant) are being reported for the first time. The growth rates of different fungi varied from 0·19–1·25 mm/hr at their optimum temperatures.Penicillium sp. the slowest andThermoascus sp. were the fast growing fungi.

    • Systematics of genusLygodium Sw. (Lygodiaceae) in India

      S Singh G Panigrahi

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      Lygodium Sw. belongs to the monogeneric family Lygodiaceae Presl.s.s. and is comprised of about 40 species in the world flora. Out of these 10 species are from India.L. giganteum Tagawa and Iwat. andL. mearnsii Copel. are new records whileL. longifolium (Willd.) Sw.,L. circinnatum (Burm. f.) Sw.,L. polystachyum Wall. ex Moore andL. altum (Clarke) v.A.v.R. are poorly represented amongst the Indian collections in herbaria. A key is provided for diagnosing the species from India along with the correct nomenclature of each taxon.


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