• S P Choda

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Embryological studies in three species ofCymbopogon Spreng (Poaceae)

      S P Choda Harsh Mitter Ravinder K Bhanwra

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      The embryology ofCymbopogon nardus var.confertiflorus, C. martinii var.Motia andC. parkeri has been studied.C. nardus andC. martinii have been observed to be seed-sterile owing to failure of fertilization while inC. parkeri, the seed-setting is only about 8·00%.

    • Comparative embryology ofEchinochloa colonum andEchinochloa crusgalli (Poaceae)

      R K Bhanwra S P Choda

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      Comparative embryology ofEchinochloa colonum (Linn.) Link andEchinochloa crusgalli (Linn.) Beauv. is described. The anther wall comprises the epidermis, fibrous endothecium, a middle layer and uniseriate glandular tapetum. Microspore tetrads are isobilateral inEchinochloa crusgalli but they may occasionally be linear, T-shaped, decussate or intermediate besides being isobilateral inEchinochloa colonum. The hemianatropous ovule is pseudocrassinucellate and bitegmic. Embryo sac development conforms to the monosporic, Polygonum type. Endosperm development is nuclear. The development of the embryo is irregular and characterised by the formation of diagonal cell walls in the quadrant and octant proembryo. Both the integuments as well as the nucellus degenerate in mature caryopsis. The mature embryo is about half the length of the caryopsis and is of the panicoid type. The results have been discussed in light of the earlier work onEchinochloa and other members belonging to the tribe Paniceae.


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