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    • Transformation of the grain legumeVigna aconitifolia Jacq Marechal byAgrobacterium tumefaciens, regeneration of shoots

      Ravinder Gill S Eapen P S Rao

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      Hypocotyl, stem, leaf and shoot-apex of one-week-old seedlings ofVigna aconitifolia were inoculated with the nopaline wild type (T37) ofAgrobacterium tumefaciens to induce tumours. Hypocotyl segments of 1 cm length fromin vitro grown plants were also co-cultivated with a bacterial suspension to obtain transformed tissue. Axenic cultures obtained from both the experiments when cultured on basal medium proliferated into callus which differentiated into shoot buds on the same medium after, repeated subcultures. The transformed nature of the shoots was confirmed by their failure to produce roots, growth on hormone-free medium and the presence of nopaline and nopaline dehydrogenase.


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