• R R Mishra

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in subtropical aquatic and marshy plant communities

      R Chaubal G D Sharma R R Mishra

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      Occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza in five subtropical ponds, i.e., eutrophic (P1,P2 andP3), running water (P4), oligotrophic lake (P5) and marshy plant community (M) was studied. It was observed that the plants growing inP1,P5 andM habitats exhibited the vesicular mycorrhizal association, whereas the fungal association was lacking in plants ofP2,P3 andP4 ponds. The endogonaceous spore population was estimated from water and sediments of the different ponds and it, was found that endophytes in sediments are less in terrestrial habitats and completely absent from water samples. The bioassay studies revealed that plants without mycorrhizal association grew poorly and all the endophytes isolated could establish vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal associations in pot cultures.

    • Microfungal species associated with the gut content and casts ofDrawida assamensis gates

      S C Tiwari B K Tiwari R R Mishra

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      Microfungi were isolated from earthworm (Drawida assamensis) gut contents and freshly laid worm casts of a pineapple plantation field using Warcup’s soil plate method. A total of 17 species of microfungi were isolated, out of which 16 occurred in the anterior region, 12 in the middle region and 10 in the posterior region of the gut and 10 in the worm cast respectively. One species was restricted to posterior region of the gut and the worm cast. The digestion of microfungi in earthworm’s digestive tract occurred in a trend anterior>middle>posterior.


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