• R N Swamy

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Sporulation ofPestalotia palmarum Cooke in culture

      R N Swamy K Mani

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      The fungusPestalotia palmarum Cooke required light for formation of acervuli in culture. Best fruiting was obtained on Czapek’s agar with yeast extract and under black light. Fruiting could also be induced by daylight fluorescent and incandescent lamps. When cultures were exposed to light for 12 hr fruiting was similar under blue, green, yellow and red filters.

    • Fruiting of some light-requiring fungi as influenced by cellophane

      T S Suryanarayanan R N Swamy

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      Cellophane film overlying agar media enabled dark fruiting in two fungi (Phoma sp. andAscochyta pisi Lib.), fruiting in light on Czapek’s agar in two other fungi [Phoma sorghina (Sacc).] Boeremaet al andLeptosphaerulina crassiasca (Sechet) (Jackson and Bell)] and increased fruiting in all the four fungi. The fungal hyphae branched more profusely on cellophane. The role of cellophane in the induction of fruiting in these fungi is discussed.


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