• P R Chaudhari

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Growth potential ofSpirulina, a blue green alga in sewage

      P R Chaudhari K P Krishnamoorthi M Vittal Rao

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      Growth ofSpirulina platensis, a fast growing blue-green alga, was studied in domestic raw sewage under laboratory conditions. The results show that growingSpirulina platensis in domestic raw sewage with proper manipulation is encouraging. Apart from waste water treatment,Spirulina platensis can also be used as food and feed for cattle and poultry due to its high protein content i.e. 68% and its easy cell wall breakability as compared to other algal species and better digestibility.

    • Response of some common fresh water algae to DDT applications

      P R Chaudhari Indira Jayangouder K P Krishnamoorthi

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      Growth pattern of 3 common fresh water algaeChlorella, Scenedesmus andSpirulina was studied under the influence of organochlorine pesticide DDT, under laboratory conditions.Scenedesmus was found to be sensitive to DDT doses and growth was inhibited maximally up to 42% after 96h at 5ppm concentration. This alga shows phenotypic variations also in its colony structure at 3 ppm concentration.Chlorella andSpirulina are found to be highly tolerant and no growth inhibition is recorded at all doses of DDT. On the other hand, growth of these algae is promoted over that of control under the influence of DDT.


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