• N V Rao

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Structure and development of normal and abnormal stomata in the seedlings of some Cruciferae

      N V Rao J A Inamdar

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      The structure and ontogeny of normal and abnormal stomata in the seedlings of 16 species of the Cruciferae have been presented. The mature stomata are anomocytic, paracytic, anisocytic, helicocytic and with a single subsidiary cell. The ontogeny of the anisocytic, paracytic, helicocytic and stoma with a single subsidiary cell conforms to the syndetocheilic or mesogenous, while that of anomocytic to haplocheilic or perigenous type. Several types of aberrant stomatal formations such as: single guard cell; contiguoas single-guard cells; contiguous stomatal; degeneration of guard cell/s; persistert stomatal cell; amitotic division of guard mother cell nucleus followed by pore formation; stoma with double pores; binucleate guard cell; division of guard cell; incomplete stoma with unequal guard cells; cytoplasmic connection; ring-shaped division of guard mother cell and uncommon wall thickening have been noticed. Aberrant stomatal developments are naturally occurring and not induced.


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